Guided Engineering Academic Review Sessions (GEARS)

Looking to maintain high achievement? Hoping to improve?  Whatever your goal, GEARS is for you!

Starting University is a busy time for everyone!  It can be tough to carve out dedicated time to review specific course material when you’re adjusting to a new schedule.  Check out GEARS!

What are the benefits of attending GEARS?

  • Successful EngSci students provide guidance for reviewing materials and studying for tests
  • Dedicated, regular study time
  • Optimize study habits and time management skills
  • Get to know your classmates, and meet upper-year students
  • Sessions are Drop-in: can’t come for the whole session? Stay as long as you can!
  • Judgement-free zone: there are no marks and your attendance will not be reported to your instructors

No need to register ahead of time!  GEARS helps you integrate how to learn with what to learn!

Winter 2018 First Year Exam Preparation Schedule:

Date Topic Time Location
April 13 General / MSE160H1 5 – 7pm BA B025
April 16 MSE160H1 5 – 7pm BA 2179
April 18 CSC190H1 5 – 7pm BA 2179
April 23 ECE159H1 5 – 7pm BA 2179
April 25 MAT195H1 5 – 7pm BA 2179
April 27 MAT185H1 5 – 7pm BA 2179

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