Praxis II Showcase

Date: Friday, April 8, 2016
Time: 0930-1730
Location: Hart House Great Hall

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Praxis II provides Engineering Science students with an opportunity to refine and apply their engineering, design, and communication skills. The students are given a single challenge:

Effect a legitimate and measurable improvement in the lived experience of a community in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Focusing on the Greater Toronto Area allows the students to gain first-hand experience with the issues confronting the City and provides them with the opportunity to engage one-on-one with stakeholders, including City and community representatives.

In the first phase of the course the class scours the GTA looking for communities with which to engage. In collaboration with their community they define an engineering opportunity and produce a Request for Proposal (RFP). Of the 72 RFPs that were developed in 2016, the following 10 were selected to proceed to the second phase of Praxis II:

  • Aiding Children with Mobility Impairment at Bloorview School
  • Eliminating Waste and Improving Accuracy in the Bottling of Honey
  • The Accessibility of a Super 8 Film Camera
  • Improving the Skate Drying Process at Nathan Phillips Square Skate Rentals
  • Improving the Educational Experience at Allan Gardens Conservatory
  • Integrating Education and Physical Activity at the Royal Ontario Museum
  • Improving Handwriting Experience of Children with Epilepsy
  • Growing Hops on Urban Rooftops
  • Manual Litter Collection Apparatus for Toronto Litter Operations
  • Improving Slop Disposal at Pottery Studios

In the second phase, between 4 and 8 teams compete to design engineering solutions for each RFP. This phase of the course culminates in the public Praxis II Showcase. During the Showcase, students share both their refined understanding of their opportunity and their proposed engineering designs to a wide audience through posters, prototypes and presentations.

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Past audience members include City Councillors, representatives from newspapers, radio, and television, as well as project stakeholders and materials suppliers.

Contact Information

Jason Foster
Course Instructor
Tel: 416-978-7024
Rob Irish
Course Instructor
Tel: 416-978-6708

Media Contact

Marit Mitchell
Communications & Media Relations Strategist
Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering
Tel: 416-978-4498
Cel: 647-228-4358