Frequently Asked Questions

What type of careers are pursued by Option graduates?

Option graduates have gone on to positions in academia (e.g. professors of Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Geophysics, Mathematics, Particle Physics, etc.), industry (e.g. Hewlett Packard, Philips, Algorithmics, Analogic, FiberTech, Citigroup, etc.) or have founded their own companies.

How many, and where do Physics Option graduates attend graduate school?

Most of the option graduates go on to graduate school at Caltech, ETH Zurich, Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley and of course U of T.

Does the Physics Option allow me to keep my future career options open?

The variety of careers chosen by our graduates demonstrates that choosing the Physics Option keeps your options open for the future. In particular, Physics Option graduates have been accepted for graduate studies in a variety of engineering fields, in physics and mathematics.

How flexible is the Option curriculum?

If you have an interest in a particular field of physics or mathematical physics, the curriculum has the flexibility to allow you to pursue and focus on courses related to those fields.