Mentees Signing Up and Reaching Out in Droves!


Amy Miao (1T6) is the winner of the FitBit Zip contest for students signing up for mentor relations through EngSci Connect. She recently connected with Christian Damianidis at Microsoft and sought career advice, asked about the work culture in his role and what his team dynamics are like – she was interviewing with Microsoft at the time.

Amy said “I like the various filters that you can apply to search for someone in your related field. I actually just searched for work position ‘software’ to find the people I was interested in connecting to. It was also really helpful that the search results displayed the company, position, as well as the option and year they graduated from. All of those bits of information was really useful to quickly skim through who aligns best with my needs.”

Amy suggested that “Having a large network of professionals in a similar field or from a similar education background is extremely beneficial for everyone and EngSci Connect is doing an amazing job of facilitating the process of connecting EngScis. I would never have been able to just approach someone to ask for advice without a pre-established tool and a channel to do so.”

EngSci Alumni’s perspective could make a huge difference in the life of an EngSci on the cusp of graduation.  Senior EngSci students are seeking advice at this crucial time of year – graduate school applications are in peak season re: preparation. Many students tend to begin questioning whether they should job hunt or pursue academic options, or both. They need a little extra guidance, advice, and reassurance.