Engineers for the World (E4TW) Award Recipient Profiles

The Engineers for the World (E4TW) Award recognizes graduating students for exemplary non-academic contributions to the community-at-large.  Recipients have gone on to impactful careers in fields ranging from environmental engineering to medicine to consulting. Their bright minds and benevolent spirits are driving them to improve the world — and it all started with their time in Engineering Science. In celebration of their continued success, past winners have shared their experiences of life after EngSci.

2019:  David Boroto

2018:  Joshua Calafato and Stephen Xu

2017:  Malik Ismail

2016:  He He and Matthew Lee

2015:  Ashkan Parcham Kashani and Cassandra Rosen

2014: Afshin Ameri and Christopher Sun

2013: Jing Ge and Vivian Hui

2012: Saksham Uppal and Jonathan Sun

2011: Shahed Al-Haque, Alexandra Heeney, Evelyn Mukwedeya and Sean Yamana-Hayes

2010: Michael Klassen and Kelvin Lui

2009: William Li and Jonathan Asmis

2008: Nicole Di Carlo and Ian Pereira

2007: Hans Hesse

2006: Richard Wiltshire and Sarah Hugh