Engineers for the World (E4TW) Award Recipient Profiles

The Engineers for the World (E4TW) Award recognizes graduating students for exemplary non-academic contributions to the community-at-large.  Recipients have gone on to impactful careers in fields ranging from environmental engineering to medicine to consulting. Their bright minds and benevolent spirits are driving them to improve the world — and it all started with their time in Engineering Science. In celebration of their continued success, the past decade of E4TW Award winners have shared their experiences of life after EngSci.

2018:  Joshua Calafato and Stephen Xu

2017:  Malik Ismail

2016:  He He and Matthew Lee

2015:  Ashkan Parcham Kashani and Cassandra Rosen

2014: Afshin Ameri and Christopher Sun

2013: Jing Ge and Vivian Hui

2012: Saksham Uppal and Jonathan Sun

2011: Shahed Al-Haque, Alexandra Heeney, Evelyn Mukwedeya and Sean Yamana-Hayes

2010: Michael Klassen and Kelvin Lui

2009: William Li and Jonathan Asmis

2008: Nicole Di Carlo and Ian Pereira

2007: Hans Hesse

2006: Richard Wiltshire and Sarah Hugh