Cassandra Rosen

Energy Systems Engineering, 1T4+PEY

Cassandra Rosen

During the summer following her recent graduation, Cassie Rosen is doing research with the Water and Energy Research Lab (WERL) at U of T, where she did her fourth year thesis. She is also enjoying time with friends and family, and travelling.

In September, she will be moving to Boston to pursue a Master of Systems Engineering at MIT in Technology and Policy. She enthusiastically says that she has been interested in this program since her second year, and that she is so excited to see how studying law, political science, and economics can enhance her engineering skill set.

Cassie describes her sentiments on the Engineering Science program:

“Something from EngSci that will always stick with me is the friendships I’ve made and people I’ve met – the community is so diverse and talented. I’m looking forward to keeping in touch and seeing what everyone does in the future.”