He He

He He and new friends in the community of Patzula, Guatemala, in front of the new footbridge.

He He and new friends in front of the new footbridge in the rural community of Patzula, Guatemala.

Infrastructure Engineering, 1T5 + PEY

In the summer after graduation, He helped build a suspended footbridge in Patzula, a small community in rural Guatemala. The bridge ties together several communities and provides safe access to the local school for the children. The project was a partnership between Bridges to Prosperity, which he has been involved with for a number of years, and Engineers Without Borders.

In September, He will begin a Master of Science in Transportation at MIT. Through his graduate studies he hopes to enhance his understanding of the interactions and interrelations between transportation, land use, and people, and the underlying mechanism and incentives that shape cities.

“If you find something you are interested in, fascinated by, and enjoy working with, be relentless in its pursuit. Passion and perseverance are the parents of success.”
–He He