Saksham Uppal

Electrical and Computer Engineering, 1T1+PEY

After graduating from EngSci in 2012, Saksham Uppal spent the summer interning at the United Nations World Food Programme in Rome where he focused on cost-effectiveness analysis for nutritional interventions. During the same summer, he also had the opportunity to volunteer in China, teaching entrepreneurship to Chinese high school and undergraduate students through the UTACCEL program. Saksham says that both opportunities were very rewarding global experiences. After the summer, Saksham joined the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and spent two years as a management consultant helping clients across North America with strategy and operations projects. In parallel, he further explored his passion for social impact by co-founding and leading Social Spark, a non-profit focused on engaging students in social entrepreneurship, while also completing a graduate diploma program in social innovation at the University of Waterloo. Seeking to gain a more hands-on experience and get back into technology, Saksham left BCG in the fall of 2014 and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to join Intuit as a Product Manager. Saksham claims that the new role has been very rewarding and that he has learnt a tremendous amount about effectively leading teams, building products, and delighting customers. To all current EngScis, he says, “I am more than willing to mentor those interested in learning more about product management, consulting, entrepreneurship, and non-profits!”

Saksham fondly remembers his graduation from engineering and imparts advice to current students:

“At our EngSci Iron Ring celebration, I vividly remember Professor Kortschot commenting that after having recently met with several EngSci alumni from around the world, the common trait amongst them was that they were all fearless. This fearlessness is a distinct trait of EngScis and I would encourage current EngScis to never forget to be fearless in their pursuits!”