Spirit of EngSci Award Recipient Profiles

The Spirit of EngSci Award recognizes graduating students for exemplary non-academic contributions within the University community.  These contributions have perpetuated well beyond the University as the recipients continue to make an impact in their chosen fields. These award winners have founded start-ups, established investment firms, are practicing medicine, law, engineering, and more — all in an effort to contribute to the society-at-large. In celebration of these exemplary EngSci graduates, past winners have shared their experiences of life after EngSci.

2019:  Andrew Kidd

2018:  Rossdan Craig and Wanqing (Jane) Liu

2017:  Judy Hanwen Shen and Yi Fan (Danny) Zhang

2016:  Deniz Jafari and Rachel Reding

2015:  Amir-Hossein Karimi and Allan Kuan

2014:  Abigail Amu and Stuti Rungee

2013:  Reza Abasi and Wen Cheng Chong

2012:  Rafal Dittwald and Azadeh Mostaghel

2011:  Marina F-Gormally, Raphael Sammut and Kevin Siu

2010:  Jane Chui, Geoffrey Siu and Tian (Tim) Chen

2009:  Kristen Facciol and Yuri Sagalov

2008:  Paul Kishimoto, Ada Sheng and Dmitri Stepanov

2007:  Damien Frost, David Li and Paul Radcliffe

2006:  Mabel Lai and Roger Mong