Abigail Amu

Infrastructure Engineering, 1T4

Abigail Amu

After graduating from EngSci, Abigail Amu started as a Field Engineer in the Drilling and Measurements division with Schlumberger. She initially spent a few months on and off between Houston, Texas, and Calgary, training and learning the skills she would need for the position, with people from all over North America, Egypt, and Australia. Shortly after, she began working on multiple oil rigs around Lethbridge, AB, Torquay, SK, and Fort Nelson/Liard on the BC and Northwest Territories border. Abigail claims that it was a difficult position because it required her to live in really remote areas for long periods of time, be ready to travel with little notice, and change her schedule to work long 12+ hour night shifts. However, she adds that the fast paced environment and responsibility she was given early on helped her to learn a great deal very quickly. It also enabled her to see a lot of really beautiful parts of Canada which she says she probably would never have seen otherwise; Abigail has seen the Northern Lights, driven both the Alaskan highway and some remote logging and lease roads, driven through Corner Gas on her Saskatchewan journey, and has even flown out of rig sites in a helicopter.

Due to the volatile nature of oil, she was unfortunately laid off after nine months but has since found a new position in Asset Integrity and Corrosion Engineering Analysis at Critical Control Energy Services in downtown Calgary where she is currently enjoying a more normal routine and work environment. Abigail says that she would never regret her field experience, but it was a very harrowing lifestyle and   she is happy to have landed where she did. She is that much more grateful for the free time she has now to enjoy playing piano and guitar, spend time with her new friends, and get to know her new city. Abigail continues to work towards her PEng and is considering going back for a Masters in a year or so.

Abigail shares the important lessons from EngSci which have motivated her since graduation:

“Something that I learned in EngSci was just how much grit and determination I had, and how important it is for success. The program made me a little fearless ­­– it gave me the mentality that I could really do anything if I worked hard enough, asked the right questions, and put in the effort. This mindset really helped me out in the field, where problem solving was usually done under very time-sensitive and stressful conditions, or when I was feeling very physically drained. I was able to transition from a degree in Infrastructure to a career that would probably be considered more in the Energy  or Petroleum field but I knew that I would be able to do the work and learn quickly because that is what EngSci has taught me to do. EngSci taught me to be brave and never give up. With that kind of mindset, you will always be successful.”