Rossdan Craig

Electrical and Computer Engineering, 1T7 PEY

Rossdan Craig (centre) showing off his team’s AER201 project with teammates Borren Moe (left) and Alex Cubellis (right).

Right from his first year in EngSci, Rossdan showed strong commitment to SKULE life, serving as the class representative, editor of the EngSci Orientation Blog, as a “leedur” for Frosh Week, member of the EngSci soccer team, the SKULE rugby team, Engineers Without Borders and the human powered vehicle team, and more recently as the chair of the EngSci Club. He recognizes the challenging nature of the EngSci program and approaches it with a unique cheerful attitude. Over the years, he has been a strong mentor and friend not just to his 1T7 classmates, but across all years of the program, even inviting younger students to his house to share advice over home cooked meals.

“I found Eng Sci to be really tough (but so are a lot of things in life, I guess), and that’s ok. Despite the challenges, I loved it for two main reasons. First, it pushed me to do my best and never give up. More importantly, I found it amazing to meet, work with, and befriend classmates from all around the world who are not only driven to succeed, but are also there to support each other. It’s pretty awesome knowing that I can always count on my friends whenever I need help.”