Stuti Rungee

Energy Systems Engineering, 1T3+PEY

Stuti Rungee

Since graduating from EngSci in 2014, Stuti Rungee has joined an engineering consulting company involved in improving energy efficiency in industrial and commercial facilities across Ontario, and is currently working there full-time. Stuti claims that she didn’t want to stop learning just yet, so she also enrolled part-time in U of T’s MEng Program in MIE, specializing in Energy Studies. She recently completed her first year of the program.

Stuti offers her sentiments on how EngSci has helped her:

“I like to believe that the best life lesson I got from EngSci is that it taught me how to learn any subject matter and learn it in record time. This has helped me a great deal in my current job and my studies. So far, it is just as much of an adventure and challenge as EngSci used to be for me!”

She also offers invaluable advice to EngSci students and graduates – “Don’t forget to have fun!”