Tian (Tim) Chen

Infrastructure Engineering, 0T9+PEY

Tim Chen

After EngSci, Tim Chen went on to study civil engineering at TU Delft in the Netherlands for 2 years. Overlapping that and after, he worked at Arup in Amsterdam, designing several interesting buildings. When the opportunity came along, he started his PhD in Mech Eng at ETH in Zurich (following advice from Prof. Gauvreau many, many years ago); Tim has been at ETH for a year now. The focus of his PhD is on structural optimization of lattices; he says that, believe it or not, he refers back to what he learnt in CIV102 almost daily. Tim has also met several EngSci and U of T Eng grads at ETH doing their Masters’ and PhDs.

On a more personal front, Tim says he enjoys Europe very much. He simply states, “The winters here are much milder, and the trams run much more on time than the TTC.”

Tim describes the benefit of the solid foundation he gained from EngSci:

“When fundamental knowledge becomes intuition, then the rest is not so hard. The seemingly unrelated topics come in handy all the time, especially biology and electromagnetism. Makes it seem like I know what I am talking about.”