Wen Cheng Chong

Aerospace Engineering, 1T2+PEY

Wen Chong

Upon graduating from EngSci in 2013, Wen Cheng Chong returned to Bombardier Aerospace to work on the Global 7000/8000 business jet development program, which he worked on during his PEY internship. He was part of the Flight Sciences team that is responsible for preparing the aircraft for certification. As a result, he had the opportunity to participate in wind tunnel tests, develop high fidelity flight simulation model, and assess Fly-By-Wire control laws through pilot-in-the-loop testing on flight simulator. Recently, Wen left Bombardier Aerospace to co-found a space start-up called Kepler Communications with a few other EngSci graduates. Kepler Communications is working towards building a network of nano-satellites (also known as CubeSats) to provide real-time access to space. They are currently incubated under the UTIAS Start program and the UofT Hatchery program. They are very much an early stage company and they would love to connect with anyone that is interested in space, satellite communications, or new technologies in general.

Wen’s advice for EngSci students and graduates is short and sweet:

“Stay foolish and always try to learn as much as possible in any given situation. The knowledge you gain will come in handy in some way, shape, or form when you least expect it.”