Afshin Ameri (1T4) at Harvard Medical School

“Fabricating functioning body organs has been the dream of numerous scientists for many years. Now this dream has the potential to become a reality in 10-15 years as Dr. Ali Khademhosseini has mentioned. This is one of the main focuses of Khademhosseini’s lab, the lab that I worked in during the summer.

This summer I returned to Dr Khademhosseini’s lab at Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and technology (HST) as an EngSci Exceptional Opportunity fellow. I was involved in many projects but the most notable one involved seeding isolated cardiac cells from rats on fabricated scaffolds that demonstrated excellent elastic properties. These cells were then electrically stimulated to mimic the natural conditions of the heart. Observing the process of how experimental design gets executed as an experiment was very intellectually stimulating for me and made me take the giant leap forward from purely theoretical science to applied science. Something that I believe EngSci had prepared me for.

This experience has definitely been one of the most valuable experiences of my life. I believe living at Harvard, exploring Boston and working in a world class research lab made me look at my future career from a different prospective. In the lab, I was not only trained and given the opportunity to exercise the material that I learned at university, but I was also given the chance to build a strong network with the other scientists and professionals both inside and outside the lab.”