Amir-Hossein Karimi (1T4) at Stanford University

Amir Hossein-Karimi Summer 2012

“With EngSci’s support, and with the confidence of someone who has passed AER201, I was able to make my way to Stanford University for the summer of 2012. Travelling abroad to a new locality, making 200+ new friends, conducting research at one of the most amazing campuses in terms of educational excellence, industrial affiliation, and architectural beauty has made my experience unforgettable.

This summer has vastly expanded my network. I’ve met people from many different academic backgrounds, with countless fascinating stories to share, and with numerous goals yet to accomplish in life. It has shown me first-hand how the people of Silicon Valley, whether in their early 20’s or late 50’s, are literally changing the world! From the software developer who works 18 hours a day on his product, to the local baker who gets up at 4 am to cook fresh bread for the morning commuters, everybody is thriving towards a better tomorrow.

It’s really shown me how much opportunity there is in life. It has changed how I think of myself as a student, and how I should believe in my potentials even at the age of 20. It has also made me realize the extent of my abilities, and motivates me to coming back to school in September to quench my thirst for learning.

My summer at Stanford, has forced me to think critically about my graduate and PhD studies, and excites me for what is to come. My research project – which was about Hand-Gesture Recognition using Radar, similar to Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect – was very fascinating and thrilling. The independence required in a research project, along with the occasional guidance from my advisor, was a great experience.

Nearing the end of this summer, I look back and cherish each and every one of the moments I spent experiencing something different, making new friends, discovering an inner part of me, thinking in a new mindset, and having fun. My journey does not stop here, and I look forward to what life has yet to surprise me with. Hopefully someday, I’ll be able to give back to the EngSci students of the future.”