Vivian Hui’s 2012 E4TW Fellowship

“This summer I am completing research on a topic that addresses how effective current public transportation routes in Toronto serve the homeless and the places that they must travel to. As I regularly volunteer for the homeless community, it has always been an interest of mine to explore ways in which I can use my engineering and technical skills to make a positive impact for this social community. Through my research, I am hoping to find areas where public transportation in Toronto can be more socially inclusive. This fellowship has given me an opportunity to recognize the importance of integration between science and the society. It has also encouraged me to continue making a social impact with engineering and science in my career, and to expand my perspective from the local to the international front.

Being a part of such a dynamic and unique network of people within the Division of Engineering Science is motivating. It has really encouraged me to ask challenging questions and to think critically about my work. It has also helped me develop an interest in the effects of engineering on the society, and I feel that my engagement in volunteering stems from my wish to learn more about social issues and how research can address such issues. I believe it is important that students recognize the impact of engineering on the society, and I feel fortunate that I have been inspired to do so through being a part of the Engineering Science network.”