Engineering Science Education Conference (ESEC)

ESEC 2019 speaker Jessica Burgner-Kahrs talks with students during the conference reception.

This annual one-day conference aims to broaden our students’ horizons through engagement with world leaders in a wide range of sectors corresponding to our program’s majors.

Students learn about research, education and career opportunities for young engineers from innovators and thought leaders who share their expertise and career path through presentations and networking events.

ESEC 2020 will take place on Friday, January 24, 2020.
Check the website for this year’s speaker line-up.

14th Annual ESEC,  2019
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13th Annual ESEC, 2018
Watch recordings of the presentations by Jonathan Sun, Matt Zeiler and Geoffrey Hinton.
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12th Annual ESEC, 2017

11th Annual ESEC, 2016

10th Annual ESEC, 2015

9th Annual ESEC, 2014

Aerospace:                            Todd Reichert (EngSci 0T5) & Cameron Robertson (EngSci 0T8), UTIAS
Electrical & Computer:      Professjor Parham Aarabi (Electrical 9T8), University of Toronto
Biomedical:                          Professor Ali Khademhosseini (Chemical 9T9),  Harvard University
Energy:                                  David Bradwell, Ambri – Energy Systems
Infrastructure:                     Professor Jeanette Montufar, University of Manitoba
Finance:                                Tomas Valis (Mechanical 8T7), Celtic House Venture Partners
Physics:                                 Professor Pierre Savard, University of Toronto
Nanoengineering:               Professor Ted Sargent, University of Toronto

8th Annual ESEC, 2013

Aerospace & Keynote:        Professor Raffaello D’Andrea (EngSci 9T1), ETH
Biomedical:                          Dr. Howard Ginsberg (EngSci 8T9), Neurosurgeon at St. Michael’s Hospital  and Professor at Ryerson
Electrical & Computer:      Professor Joyce Poon (EngSci 0T2), University of Toronto
Energy Systems:                  Dr. Sankar Das Gupta, Electrovaya
Physics:                                 Professor Yong-Baek Kim, University of Toronto
Infrastructure:                     Professor Christopher Kennedy, University of Toronto
Nanoengineering:               Professor Stephen Chou, University of Princeton
Math, Stats, Finance:         Dr. Gregory Sullivan, Managing Director in Vancouver for Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital (EngSci 8T7)

7th Annual ESEC, 2012

Aerospace:                           Dr. Jan Chodas (EngSci 7T8), NASA
Biomedical:                         Professor Pamela Silver, Harvard University
Electrical & Computer:     Mr. Jeff Seifert (ECE 9T2), Cisco Canada
Energy Systems:                 Dr. Michael Ivanco, Candu Technolgies
Physics:                                Professor Rick Van Kooten (EngSci 8T4), Indiana University
Infrastructure:                    Mr. Lawrence Novak, Portland Cement Association
Nanoengineering:              Professor David G. Cory, University of Waterloo
Math, Stats, Finance:        Dr. Dan Rosen, R2 Financial Technologies

6th Annual ESEC, 2011

Aerospace:                           Dr. Jonathan How (EngSci 8T7), MIT
Computer:                           Ian Small (EngSci 8T6), CEO, TokBox
Biomedical:                         Dr. Robert Nerem, Georgia Tech
Electrical & Computer:     Peter Devenyi (Electrical 8T3), VP, RIM
Energy Systems:                 Amir Shalaby, VP, OPA
Physics:                                 Dr. Raymond Laflamme, Perimeter Institute, University of Waterloo
Infrastructure:                    Dr. Eric Miller (EngSci 7T3), University of Toronto
Nanoengineering:              Dr. Laurence Dubois, ATMI Incorporated
Math, Stats, Finance:        Dr. Alan White, University of Toronto

5th Annual ESEC, 2010

Aerospace:                           Dr. Hany Moustapha, Concordia University
Computer:                           Tas Venetsanopoulos (Former dean), VP at Ryerson University
Biomedical:                         David Jaffray, Senior Scientist with the Ontario Cancer Institute
Energy Systems:                 Henry Vehovec (Civil 7T9), President of Mindfirst Inc.
Physics:                                Catherine Kallin, McMaster University
Infrastructure:                    Elizabeth Deakin, University of California
Nanoengineering:              Dr. Gino Palumbo (MSE 8T3), President & CEO, Integran Technologies Inc.

4th Annual ESEC, 2009

Aerospace:                         Fassi Kafyeke, Bombardier Aerospace
Biomedical:                         Elliot McVeigh (Physics 8T4), Johns Hopkins University                       
Computer:                          Hans-Arno Jacobsen, University of Toronto
Electrical:                             K.C. Smith (Engineering Physics 5T4), University of Toronto
Energy Systems:                Hadi Dowlatabadi, University of British Columbia
Infrastructure:                   Constantin Christopoulos, University of Toronto
Nanoengineering:             Chris Phoenix, Center for Responsible Nanotechnology
Plenary:                              Todd Perry, Facebook
Lunchtime Keynote:         Tara Hillebrandt, Canadian Space Agency

3rd Annual ESEC, 2008

Aerospace:                          Tim Barfoot (EngSci 9T7), University of Toronto
Biomedical:                         Ken Lutchen, Boston University
Computer:                           Jonathan Rose (EngSci 8T0), University of Toronto
Electrical:                            Peter Kinget, Columbia University
Energy Systems:                Oskar Sigvaldason, Hatch Group
Infrastructure:                   Tibor Kakai, Halcrow Yolles
Manufacturing:                  Sara Beckman, University of California Berkeley
Nanoengineering:              Federico Rosei, Université du Québec
Physics:                                Melissa Franklin (Physics 7T7), Harvard University

2nd Annual ESEC, 2007

Aerospace:                     Ed Crawley, MIT
Biomedical:                   Ali Khademhossieni (Chemical 9T9), Harvard/MIT
Computer:                     Zvonko Vranesic (Electrical 6T3), University of Toronto
Electrical:                      Alyssa Apsel, Cornell University
Infrastructure:             Roger Dorton, Buckland and Taylor
Manufacturing:            Jack Hu, University of Michigan
Nanoengineering:       Srinivas Iyer, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Physics:                         Ray LaPierre, McMaster University

Inaugural ESEC, 2006

Aerospace:                   Christian Sallaberger, MDA
Biomedical:                 Wolf von Maltzhan, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Computer:                   Sharon Nunes, IBM
Electrical:                    Raffaello D’Andrea (EngSci 9T1), Cornell University
Infrastructure:           William Kelly, Catholic University of America
Manufacturing:         Daniel Frey, MIT
Nanoengineering:     Jillian Buriak, University of Alberta
Physics:                       Aksel Hallin, University of Alberta