Abrar Ahmed Pathan

This summer I worked as a research intern at the National University of Singapore. One of the top technological universities in the world and arguably the best in Asia, the research term at NUS was an unforgettable experience. The experience helped me broaden my horizons and learn so much about the field of applied research and about the culture and society of the South-East Asian country.

My research was aimed at improving the efficiency of Dye Sensitized Solar Cells through controlled growth of ZnO and TiO2 nanowires and nanorods. Working with Dr. Ho Ghim Wei’s Nanoscience and Nanosystems group, the attachment helped me gain enormous amount of information on the environment in research institutions and the field of applied research. The chance to interact with various professors in the field of electrical and nano-engineering helped me realize my avenues as a student working in this field.

Staying in the country for three long months also had perks such as making friends with students from UC Berkeley, NTU, NUS and many weekend trips to nearby Malaysia and Thailand!

In all, an experience to remember and be proud of!