Bradley Kloostra

“I conducted research this summer at the National University of Singapore, working with members of the Nanoscience & Nanosystems Group. My research was concerned with the synthesis and characterization of gold nanoparticles that can be deposited on photocatalysts to improve their effectiveness under visible light illumination. This work has applications in producing inexpensive solar cells as well as facilitating the generation of hydrogen gas from water for energy purposes. My time in Singapore has been a continual learning experience. I have been given a great deal of support and guidance and was trained in the use of the scanning electron microscope and important experimental techniques. At the same time, I was given freedom to plan my own experiments and to decide the direction of my research. Naturally, I spent time outside of the lab while in Singapore. I travelled with the other Engineering Science students around the region, visiting Thailand and Malaysia as well as exploring the various neighbourhoods and attractions of Singapore. I learned as much outside the lab as in, discovering culture, history, food and language which has made my first trip to Asia unforgettable. My experience as a researcher has given me a great introduction to what I might do after graduating from Engineering Science and I have discovered that I am indeed interested in pursuing graduate work. Research is attractive because one does not have to confine oneself to a single area of interest; as progress is made, adapting to new knowledge and new insights is critical. This dynamism is very appealing to me. Consistent with my research into the very small, it is the small things from this internship I will remember most: dining with colleagues, falling into the ocean in Borneo, trying chilli crab, and meeting so many helpful and motivated people. The connections I have developed and the friends I have made are an invaluable part of this experience and I know that I can rely on these people for advice in the future.”