Caroline Shung (1T3) Conducting Summer Research at Osaka University

“Working in a Mechanical and Bioengineering Systems Laboratory in the Graduate School of Engineering Science at Osaka University, I had the opportunity to perform research in the area of Functional Tissue Engineering. I conducted experiments to help develop multi-scale viscoelastic biomechanical models of bovine femurs under stochastic loading conditions. Understanding the influence of mechanical forces is key in using these forces as a critical stimulus to modulate the structure and function of engineered tissues.

It was interesting to learn that Engineering Science is not just a division of engineering, but it in itself is its own diverse and dynamic faculty which is recognized and celebrated internationally. Interacting with students from around the world and seeing not only the diversity in their areas of research but also their accomplishments was exciting and motivating.

My experience with the Engineering Science Student Exchange Program at Osaka University allowed me to travel around Japan and forced me to conform to a different lifestyle and integrate into a new society. This helped me develop an appreciation of Japanese culture which I believe I never would have learned by simply visiting.”