Dazhi Liao

“This summer, I explored innovative oil storage concepts for land-scarce Singapore. Currently the largest bunker fuel port in the world, Singapore is facing increasing competition. In order to maintain its competitive edge, Singapore needs to develop more oil storage to meet market demands. Together with my research partner, Toby, I worked on the conceptual design of a bunker fuel facility underneath a container port terminal.

Through this experience I got introduced to my professor and his professional network. My professor is a civil engineer specializing in very large floating structures (VLFSs), and his mentorship has greatly developed my understanding of civil engineering. I was invited to technical talks and worked with the lead structural engineer, Dr. Yee, who designed “The Sail” condominium at downtown Singapore, on my project.

In addition to being exposed to professional engineering, I was able to explore Singapore and Southeast Asia culturally as well. I travelled around Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia throughout my three months, and have had stories and experiences of a lifetime. This experience has truly been enriching on a cultural as well as an academic level.”