Jennifer Chan’s Summer 2012 Research in Singapore

“Over the course of the three months that I spent at the National University of Singapore (NUS) for my research internship, I was given the opportunity to conduct research about dielectric elastomer actuators and generators. Throughout this project, I was involved in extensive material characterization of potential materials that could be used as dielectric elastomers which involved the use of a Universal Testing Machine. Various tests were performed on the materials to determine which material would be the most suitable as a dielectric elastomer actuator or generator in different applications.

I felt extremely privileged to be working on this innovative technology as many of the experimental tests that I was doing had not been performed before in the world. This project involved working in a group, which taught me how to effectively communicate with a larger group where different people worked on different tasks that led to the same end goal. I am extremely grateful for all the help I got along the way from NUS staff and students, especially from my supervisor who provided guidance to us along the way.

This internship was extremely rewarding as I was able to conduct research in a new field that is just starting to be explored. I learned a lot about the project itself along with many transferrable skills that I can apply in future jobs. Furthermore, being in Singapore allowed me to learn more about Singapore culture, which is quite different from Canadian culture. I wanted to thank everyone who made my internship possible, including the Division of Engineering Science, the Engineering Science Program at NUS, and all the individuals at NUS who provided support and guidance along the way. “