Terence Li

“I spent my time at the National University of Singapore working as a research intern in an office with a few PhD students. My research mostly involved creating mathematical and graphical models for the diffusion process which occurs during each cycle of a lithium ion battery. I was able to explore the potential of silicon based media in battery anodes which could yield a theoretical storage capacity as high as 10 times the ordinary carbon based lithium ion batteries we use today. As such, I was able to apply what I learned in the classroom while obtaining a vast scope of knowledge in the discipline of Mechanical and Nanoscale Engineering.

I was assisted by a number of outstanding PhD students at work. Working under Prof. Shailendra P. Joshi, a successful professor in mechanical engineering at NUS, I was able to not only interact with members in his research group but also his mentor, Professor Abhijit Mukherjee from the Thapar University in India as well. I really enjoyed the intense research atmosphere and the multitude of bright minds around me. Submerged in this network, I genuinely felt that I was a lot closer to achievements in the academia than ever before. It has been a rewarding experience academically.

Singapore is also a beautiful country with an interesting history. It certainly has a lot of Western influences as an Asian country. Everything, from infrastructure to business, seems to be very efficient and fast-paced. My fellow exchange friends and I had very little trouble adapting to the lifestyle and the warm weather. Surrounded by a number country, being in Singapore also provided a lot of short term travel opportunities. We would often travel to neighboring countries such as Malaysia for the weekend to take a break from work.

The combined experience has been truly phenomenal and I owe it to my friends in the Engineering Science community for their recommendation and constant motivation. I would highly recommend it for anyone who is interested for a bit of adventure to go along with work.”