Fady Shoukry (EngSci 1T5)

Over the summer, I had the opportunity to work at TAGlab (Technology for Aging Gracefully Lab) of the Computer Science Department at the University of Toronto. TAGlab primarily works on projects employing technology to improve the quality of life of seniors in support of aging throughout their life course. As a research assistant, I assisted in the development of ALLT (Accessible Large-print Listening and Talking e-books), an iOS application which improves the reading-together experience of seniors with their family members.
For the major part of my work at TAGlab, I worked on developing an extension to ALLT which focuses on comprehensive reading of e-pamphlets containing health information relevant to seniors. The extension provides a set of features which aim to facilitate the comprehension and communication of the contents of the e-pamphlets from a family member or caregiver to the senior.
Working at TAGlab has been an amazing experience. Not only have I learnt an extensive set of new technical skills in programming, but I also acquired hands-on experience in research in the field of HCI (Human-Computer Interaction). My direct supervisor Abbas Attarwala, a PhD student at the lab, has been extremely helpful and supportive. He has been a very valuable resource for technical information. In addition, he kindly allowed me to be involved in the design process which provided me with valuable experience in HCI design.
Perhaps one of the most valuable outcomes of this research experience has been the invaluable connections I made with the members of the TAGlab community. Everyone, from the head of the lab, Prof. Ron Baecker, to my fellow undergraduate students working at the lab, has been extremely helpful and supportive. Their support extended beyond the project I was working on. They have provided me with valuable advice for my academic life and continue to offer their help whenever I need it.
Overall, I am very thankful to the department of Engineering Science for providing me, through ESROP with this opportunity. It has made my summer a lot more productive than I could have hoped for.