Sepehr Ebadi (EngSci 1T6)

I spent this summer in Professor Kenneth Burch’s group for experimental condensed matter physics in the Physics Department at the University of Toronto. My project was to investigate the effects of the substrate on the optical and electronic properties of MoS2 (Molybdenum disulfide). Molybdenum disulfide is a two dimensional semiconductor with lots of interesting physics and many applications. I joined the group right at the beginning of this project; as a result, I fully witnessed and participated in the process of scientific research, from theoretical speculations to experimental results. This position was a great entry point to the world of physics, and it made me certain of pursuing an academic career in physics.
In addition to the daily work, this internship also helped me to understand the role of a scientific project in the bigger picture of the field. Reading many papers and observing their connection, I realized how scientific discoveries build on each other and contribute incrementally to the body of knowledge.
One of the main highlights of my internship was participating and presenting in meetings with the members of the group and physicists from the outside. I realized that communication is one of the most important skills of a scientist; and it is much more difficult than I had anticipated. In addition to my own research, I also helped a few other members of the group with their projects, which gave me the ability to transfer my skills to others. I also presented my work at the Undergraduate Engineering Research Day as a poster presentation. This internship improved my skills and confidence in terms of scientific communication, from talking to a colleague to presenting a scientific poster.
I believe that this summer was definitely the best summer of my life. This was made possible by the Professor Burch and his Group and also ESROP from Division of Engineering Science. The experiences and skills that I have gained through this internship will be extremely valuable and would create even more opportunities for me in the future. This experience made my passion and love for physics much stronger than before and made me determined to pursue an academic career in physics.