What is Engineering Science?

Engineering Science at the University of Toronto is one of the most selective and advanced engineering programs offered in the world.

Engineering Science at U of T is an enriched program that provides students with excellent preparation in a wide range of fields. Top students from across Canada and around the world choose to study in this program, making for a superb peer group that contributes significantly to the quality of the program and the student experience. On the order of two-thirds of the program’s graduates pursue post-graduate studies at top graduate schools around the world and, because of the rigor of their undergraduate experience, they generally perform very well. Graduates of the program are also well qualified to immediately embark on professional engineering-related careers.

Engineering Science is separate from the other Engineering programs at the University of Toronto. The Engineering Science program has a unique “2+2” curriculum structure, namely a 2-year foundation curriculum followed by a 2-year specialization curriculum. In the first two years, students develop a strong foundation in both engineering and science. Students then select one of eight Majors (Aerospace, Biomedical Systems, Electrical & Computer, Energy Systems, Machine Intelligence, Mathematics, Statistics & Finance, Physics or Robotics) to focus on in their final two years. Other key distinguishing program features of note are:

  • The Engineering Science program is designed and delivered at a level that is more academically demanding;
  • The Engineering Science program contains more mathematics, science and engineering science, with greater focus on deriving results using a first principles approach;
  • The Engineering Science program requires that all students complete an independent research-based thesis project.

Engineering Science students also benefit from a very strong design and communication curriculum integrated throughout the program, providing considerable support to their wide variety of post-graduation endeavors. In addition to providing students with a superb academic background, the Engineering Science program produces graduates who are fast learners with strong analytical, problem-solving and organizational skills. Graduates tend to be well-rounded, with interests that extend beyond the curricular to include leadership, volunteerism and community-building.