Year 2

Below briefly describes the courses Engineering Science students will take in their second year of studies. Read the complete listings.

Fall Semester

  • Ordinary Differential Equations focuses primarily on ordinary differential equations and includes a computational component.
  • Vector Calculus taught in conjunction with Fluid Mechanics demonstrates how vector calculus is a mathematical language of fluid mechanics. **Includes Labs**
  • Digital and Computer Systems provides an understanding of digital system design principles and represents the technology component for the semester.
  • Particles and Waves provides an introduction to the basic ideas of classical statistical mechanics and radiation, with applications to experimental physics.
  • Thermodynamics explores classical thermodynamics and its applications to engineering systems.
  • Engineering, Society and Critical Thinking examines the interrelations of science, technology, society and the environment.

Winter Semester

  • Engineering Design presents a full mechatronics design experience through the construction of functional autonomous robot.
  • Probability and Statistics completes the mathematical studies in the foundation curriculum.
  • Modern Physics completes the strong physics component in the foundation years. **Includes Labs**
  • Electromagnetism provides an understanding of electromagnetic phenomena.
  • Systems Biology introduces concepts in cell biology and physiology, and demonstrates the use of biological understanding in engineering applications. **Includes Labs**
  • Complementary Studies Elective provides an opportunity to explore an area of interest outside of engineering.