Sample Courses

PHY327 – Advanced Physics Laboratory

Experiments in this course are designed to form a bridge to current experimental research. A wide range of experiments are available using contemporary techniques and equipment. In addition to the standard set of experiments a limited number of research projects are also available. Many of the experiments can be carried out with a focus on instrumentation.

PHY354 – Classical Mechanics

This course will cover symmetry and conservation laws, stability and instability, generalized co-ordinates, Hamilton’s principle, Hamilton’s equations, phase space, Liouville’s theorem, canonical transformations, Poisson brackets, and Noether’s theorem.

PHY356 – Quantum Mechanics I

This course will cover the general structure of wave mechanics, eigenfunctions and eigenvalues, operators, orbital angular momentum, spherical harmonics, central potential, separation of variables, hydrogen atom, Dirac notation, operator methods, harmonic oscillator and spin.

ECE357 – Electromagnetic Fields

An introduction to transmission line theory: voltage and current waves, characteristic impedance, reflections from the load and source, transients on the line, Smith’s chart, impedance matching. Fundamentals of electromagnetic theory: Maxwell’s equations, Helmholtz’s theorem, time retarded scalar and vector potentials, gauges, boundary conditions, electric and magnetic fields wave equations and their solutions in lossless and lossy medium. Plane wave propagation, reflection and transmission at boundaries. Constitutive relations and dispersion. Radiating dipole and waveguides.

PHY483 – Relativity Theory

Basis to Einsteins theory: differential geometry, tensor analysis, gravitational physics leading to General Relativity. Theory starting from solutions of Schwarzschild, Kerr, etc.