Tonya Gorshenina (1T7 + PEY)

Tonya Antonina canoeing to the other end of Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Alberta, during the PEY placement.

Tonya Gorshenina canoeing to the other end of Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Alberta, during her PEY Co-op.

I am currently 3 months into my 16-month internship at TransCanada Corporation, working as a Risk Engineering Intern at the head office located in Calgary, Alberta. My team is primarily responsible for conducting an annual System Wide Risk Assessment on the company’s assets (liquid and natural gas pipelines) in order to accurately identify high risk segments and address them to prevent pipeline failures. Another part of my responsibility is to support Engineering Assessments that are often requested by the National Energy Board to assess the integrity condition of pipeline segments that might undergo future operational changes or additional or modified road or water crossings.

Working in a corporate world was a 180 degree turn from a typical EngSci classroom. It is certainly stressful; however, it is a different type of stress: the work that you do here doesn’t just affect you; it affects your team, your supervisor, your manager and in the end, the whole company and its development. With this escalated sense of responsibility, however, comes a much clearer sense of purpose and reward from accomplished work. I was really fortunate to come across such welcoming and supporting colleagues, all whom are experts in their field and who are ready to guide you and support you at work on a daily basis.

Equally memorable were the experiences outside the office, ranging from informative field trips, company-wide Stampede Breakfasts and Calgary Corporate Challenge foosball (yes, playing for hours in the common room does pay off!) and pool matches, to the breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains and local emerald lakes. So if you are an owner of a canoe – Calgary is just the right place for you.