Yi Fan (Danny) Zhang (1T6 + PEY)

Danny Zhang tries to take a selfie with the entire city of San Francisco.

Danny Zhang tries to take a selfie with the entire city of San Francisco.

For my twelve months of PEY, I found myself working in the San Francisco Bay Area with Marvell Semiconductors as an “Analog Mixed-Signal IC Design Intern.” While the opportunity of interning at a leading tech company is rewarding on its own, the holistic experience of an international PEY is nothing short of amazing.

At Marvell, I assisted engineers in designing circuits that provide high speed data communications. Here, I was able to see how theory fits into practice, and gain new knowledge and skills, grounded above my fundamentals from class. What’s very gratifying about my work are the contributions that I can make to my team. Although I’m an intern, it’s very transparent to me how my work affects the overall goals of my team; that sense of accomplishment is satisfying.

Outside the office, California and the Pacific West Coast is one beautiful place to be. During my time there, I’ve ate some fancy food, made new connections, tried out many new sports and explored new wilderness! With a bit of spare income, I was also able to go on several trips with friends to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Yosemite, and even enjoy concerts and shows with some very big names in entertainment!

Ultimately, the experience of living abroad on my own really nurtured me from a student to a professional. New responsibilities and challenges find their way into my life, and with each adversity follows a new step towards maturity. Overall, working in the Silicon Valley has its challenges, but it’s a worthwhile journey bearing infinite rewards.