Praxis III Showcase 2024: Focus on Sustainability @ on campus
Apr 12 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

two female Praxis III students working on a prototype made of wood, metal, and plastic on a wooden bench in a design studio



Praxis III Showcase 2024:  Focus on Sustainability

Faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends are invited to see what EngSci’s Praxis III students have been up to.

This year’s Praxis III students worked on projects based in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia.

Student teams collaborated with peers from U of T’s Faculty of Arts & Science and focused on design challenges aligned with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 1, 7, 8, 10, 11, and 12 grouped into three broad areas:

  • Sustainable Local Economics in a Globalized World
  • Sustainable Buildings & Energy Management
  • Sustainable Non-Industrial Solid Waste Management

Registration is required for alumni and external guests!

Attend as much or as little of either event as you like.  Please register by Wednesday, April 10.
NOTE:  Registration is not required for current U of T students, staff, and faculty.

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Praxis II Showcase @ Hart House
Apr 15 @ 8:30 am – 5:00 pm


Year 1 EngSci students demonstrate their design project at the Praxis II Showcase in 2023.

EngSci’s Praxis II Showcase is open to the public.

At the Praxis II Showcase, student teams present and demonstrate their designs to stakeholders and the general public. Attendees will be able to ask questions and talk to the teams in small group chats.

Read about a previous Praxis II Showcase in the U of T Engineering News.

Praxis II is a Year 1 course that allows Engineering Science students to refine and apply their engineering, design, and communication skills. The students are given a single challenge:

Effect a verified and validated sustainable improvement in the lived experience of a community.

Focusing on a community allows students to gain first-hand experience with the issues confronting real groups of people and to engage one-on-one with stakeholders and community representatives.

The course culminates in the public Praxis II Showcase. At the event, students share their refined understanding of their opportunity and their proposed engineering designs with a wide audience through posters, prototypes and presentations.

Registration is required for guests who are not affiliated with the course.
Learn more about the course and register for the event here.  Registration will open in late March.

Media enquiries are welcome.  Please visit the link above for contact information.