ESEC 2025 @ St.George campus
Jan 23 – Jan 24 all day

ESEC logo in shades of pink

Now in its 20th year, this annual conference aims to broaden our students’ horizons through engagement with world leaders in a wide range of sectors related to our program’s subjects.

EngSci students learn about research, education and career opportunities for young engineers from innovators and thought leaders in engineering-related fields.

Speakers share their expertise and career path through presentations and informal networking events.

ESEC 2025 will be held in person with small group “fireside chats”, lectures, and more.

ESEC 2020 Fireside Chats
EngSci students in conversation with speaker Kristin Facciol at the ESEC fireside chats.

Info on this year’s line-up, how you can prepare, and ways to engage with the speakers will be posted in late fall. 

See previous years’ line-ups here.

Are you an alum or friend of the program who would like to attend?  Please email Christina Heidorn at

Please note that this event is for current students in the Engineering Science program only.  We are not able to accommodate students from other programs.



Praxis II Showcase @ Hart House
Apr 8 @ 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
A formally dressed male and male student demonstrate their prototype in front of a large conference poster
Year 1 EngSci students demonstrate their design project at the Praxis II Showcase in 2024.

SAVE THE DATE!  EngSci’s Praxis II Showcase is open to the public.

At the Praxis II Showcase, student teams present and demonstrate their designs to stakeholders and the general public. Attendees will be able to ask questions and talk to the teams in small group chats.

Read about a previous Praxis II Showcase in the U of T Engineering News.

See photos from last year’s event.

Praxis II is a Year 1 course that allows Engineering Science students to refine and apply their engineering, design, and communication skills. The students are given a single challenge:

Effect a verified and validated sustainable improvement in the lived experience of a community.

Focusing on a community allows students to gain first-hand experience with the issues confronting real groups of people and to engage one-on-one with stakeholders and community representatives.

The course culminates in the public Praxis II Showcase. At the event, students share their refined understanding of their opportunity and their proposed engineering designs with a wide audience through posters, prototypes and presentations.

Registration is required for guests who are not affiliated with the course.
Registration will open in late March.

Media enquiries are welcome.  Please visit the link above for contact information.


A team of four students hold up their design for fishing hook retrieval in front of their poster and a wood paneled wall.
One of the Praxis II teams shows off their design at Hart House in 2024.