EngSci’s Biomedical Systems major has a new chair

Aug. 3, 2018

Professor Paul Yoo (IBBME) is the new chair of the Biomedical Systems Major.

Professor Paul Yoo (IBBME, ECE) is the new chair of EngSci’s Biomedical Systems Engineering major.  Professor Yoo’s research focuses on neural engineering, in which therapies and neural interface technologies are being developed for use in clinical applications. He has worked on various academic and industry-sponsored projects that involve electrical nerve stimulation applied to bladder dysfunction, obstructive sleep apnea, and heart failure.

Professor Yoo shared his thoughts on what EngSci’s Biomedical Systems Engineering (BSE) major means to students.

What do you hope students get out of the BSE major?

EngSci is clearly an outstanding program that attracts some of the most motivated and talented students to the University of Toronto. It is particularly exciting to see these students select the BSE major, since we envision them as becoming the future biomedical researchers, healthcare professionals, and business leaders who develop the newest medical technologies and therapeutics.

Developing state-of-art biomedical technology is an extremely complex and highly competitive process, which can often entail advanced degrees and many years of work in the lab. In addition to making connections with our EngSci professors, I encourage students to partake in research or commercialization opportunities that are offered through IBBME, the Faculty of Engineering, and the surrounding hospitals. Start networking!

Do you have any specific goals as chair of the major?

I would like to gain a better understanding of how the BSE major has affected each student’s career path to ensure that it provides an optimal balance of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, and to ask how we can tweak the program to enhance their educational experience.