Japinder Singh Nijjer Selected for Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Born and raised in the suburbs of Toronto, I am currently a fourth year student majoring in Engineering Physics who is passionate about sustainable energy and climate change. I have been selected to be a Gates Cambridge Scholar to study a PhD at the University of Cambridge this coming academic year.

Nijjer, Japinder_thumb

I am very humbled by the opportunity and much of the credit has to be given to the Engineering Science program. In addition to the strong academic foundation, the Engineering Science program has given me a chance to perform cutting edge research both inside and outside the classroom. This includes my undergraduate thesis examining the flow of hydrocarbons in nanochannels to assess the environmental impacts of hydraulic fracturing. Outside the classroom, I have spent my undergraduate summers working in various labs around the world examining nanoengineering at the National University of Singapore (Eng. Sci. International Research Award), solar cell design at the University of Toronto (University of Toronto Excellence Award), and theoretical geophysics at the University of Cambridge (Eng. Sci. International Research Award).

With growing concerns of global climate change, carbon capture and storage (CCS) is going to play a key role in our efforts to reduce CO2 emissions. Bearing this in mind, I plan to pursue a PhD in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics supervised by Dr. Jerome Neufeld (EngSci 0T1) focusing on the fluid dynamics of carbon dioxide sequestration in deep saline aquifers. Specifically, I will be looking at the effects of spatial heterogeneities on the long-term safety and storage of carbon dioxide underground.

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