Kristen Facciol (0T9) of the Canadian Space Agency

Kristen Facciol is a Toronto, Ontario native who now lives in Montreal, Quebec. She is a graduate of the University of Toronto (BASc 2009 – Engineering Science, Aerospace Engineering) who has continued to pursue her love of space as an employee of MDA Robotics and Automation. She started with MDA over 5 years ago as part of the systems team on the Next Generation Canadarm project. She now works as an embedded contractor at the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) performing non-real-time & real-time flight support and as a trainer for both astronauts and flight controllers on the robotic systems on the International Space Station (ISS). While not at work, you’ll find her wandering the streets of different cities around the world, or with a hockey stick or guitar in hand.

Kristen Facciol 2015 at CSA

A Conversation with Kristen: What is your current job?

“My current job is as an Engineering Support Lead within the Engineering Support Centre located at the Canadian Space Agency. This role requires preparing for various missions and on-orbit operations, providing real-time flight support during these operations, and performing post-mission analysis and investigations as required. Beyond this, I teach a variety of courses for both astronauts and flight controllers that introduce them to the operation of robotic systems on-board the ISS.”