Play the Game. Change the World.

The winning team of “The Game” by ILead was a group of EngSci students – $5,000 in prize money!

Game on: Engineering Science students tackle societal challenges at ILead

March 19, 2015 By Sydney Goodfellow

“At the core of The Game was a societal challenge: for students to frame and design a project that lived up to their version of a better world,” said Mike Klaasen, leadership programming consultant at ILead and one of the key organizers of The Game. “Surrounding that core were a variety of resources designed to help students better grasp the depth and complexity of the challenges they chose to solve.”

Participants of The Game attended seminars, speakers series and had access to networks of experts and mentors. ILead instructors only released information to the teams every few weeks, almost as if they were clues for a game—hence the name. The idea stemmed from a desire to enable students to better implement the Institute’s motto: “Engineers leading change to build a better world.”