Smoothing the way to paperless medical records

Oct. 24, 2017

James Bateman launched MedChart after his father-in-law was diagnosed with cancer (photo by Chris Sorensen)


EngSci alumnus James Bateman (1T3 Physics, ECE PhD candidate) knows a problem when he sees one.  When his father-in-law underwent treatment for cancer, he saw firsthand the difficulty of coordinating his care across several medical facilities.  The struggle of keeping track of medical records in many different formats from many different places added unnecessary stress to an already difficult difficult time.

Bateman and fellow EngSci alumnus Derrick Chow (1T3 Aerospace) decided to tackle this problem.  Together they launched MedChart, a company that allows patients to pull records securely from multiple institutions to help caregivers more easily manage their care.

Read how they want to make paper medical records a thing of the past.