Board of Advisors

The Engineering Science Board of Advisors is a dedicated group of volunteers who are determined to see our vision for Engineering Science realized. Working with the Division Chair, they are committed to transforming the EngSci student experience by providing exceptional opportunities for our outstanding pupils.  Our Board strives to collaborate with colleagues from internationally renowned institutions to gain support for summer student internships with professors who are at the top of their field, in addition to seeking and securing student placements with dynamic new start-up companies.

George Babu (9T9 + PEY), Co-Founder of Sulfur Heron.

Laura Fujino, Director of Publications and Press Liaison ISSCC.

Stephen Georgas (7T1), Partner, Miller Thomson LLP

Joe Molnar (7T2), Founder and President, Eastcurve Inc

KC Smith (5T4), Professor Emeritus and a Co-Founder of Z-Tech.

Ravi Thuraisingham (8T8), President and Chief Financial Officer, American Solar Direct

Christine Tovee (9T3), former CTO, Airbus

Avanindra Utukuri (9T6), CEO / CTO Nytric


Emeritus members:

Raffaello D’Andrea, Professor at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and Entrepreneur. 9T1