Mr. Avanindra Utukuri

Mr. Utukuri founded Nytric in 1999 and, as CEO, is responsible for the development and execution of the company’s business vision. His twelve years of extensive business and technology experience include the development and marketing of high-tech products for commercial and consumer applications.

Avi Utukuri - for websiteAs Nytric’s Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Utukuri is involved in design and management projects in a variety of areas, including commercial robotics, large-volume consumer electronics, simulator systems for the Department of Defense, and the development of patented technologies.

Prior to joining Nytric, Mr. Utukuri served as President and CEO of Dynamic Visions Ltd., a technology company that developed virtual reality simulation systems and arcade entertainment systems. As co-founder of Dynamic Visions, , he was responsible for developing and managing the company’s entire product line and, ultimately, for taking the company public on NASDAQ:OTCBB.