Mr. George V. Babu

George Babu is the co-founder of Sulfur Heron, and was formerly the Director of OMERS Ventures capital investment arm. In this role Mr. Babu identified and executed investment opportunities in the Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) sectors, with a focus on human-computer interfaces, hardware platforms, mobile and enterprise software. George acted as general counsel and head of U.S. operations for Stockholm-based social gifting startup Wrapp, where he negotiated key partnerships and built out the U.S. team in New York and San Francisco.

george-babuGeorge Babu was the co-founder and VP, Finance & Operations at Rypple –  a social performance platform acquired by Before Rypple, George spent nine years at RIM initially on the RF Research & Development team, and then with the IP team building up RIM’s patent portfolio & helping debunk infringement lawsuits.

George studied Engineering Science (Electrical) at the University of Toronto where he also received his JD & MBA degrees. He’s a Registered Patent Agent. When not working, he likes to think he can run and bike and take artistic photographs (at the same time, while juggling on a unicycle).