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Praxis gets first year EngSci students involved at civic level

Everything from retrofitting the much-ridiculed “street furniture” litter bins to reducing pathogens in city beaches – these were some of the challenges tackled by University of Toronto Engineering Science students. The first year students presented their solutions at the Praxis II Design Showcase held at the university’s Bahen Centre for Information Technology Tuesday. Globe and… Read more »

New app helps those who can’t speak to be heard

Around the world, there are millions who cannot speak, either because of brain injuries or conditions such as autism. Now, some students at the University of Toronto have come up with an app that merges a voice synthesizer with a GPS to give people the words they need, wherever they are. The device is called… Read more »

Recognizing the importance of sustainability

The growing significance of sustainability in future engineering practice appears to be well understood by U of T’s Sustainable Engineers Association led by EngSci’s Jane Ge (1T2). For for the full story, click here  and refer to page 34-35.

Engineers, start your right brains

By Godfrey Mungal (7T5), Dean, School of Engineering, Santa Clara University When I studied engineering at the University of Toronto and California Institute of Technology, it was all left-brain work. My classmates and I knew that career success depended on linear, logical and analytical talents. Left-brain thinking also dominated much of my career as a… Read more »

EngSci student contributes to winning innovation

Aakash Sahney (1T2) is among an elite group recognized with U of T’s first Inventor of the Year Award. He is a co-inventor of MarcoPolo, an alternative to the communication aids used by those with speech and language challenges. For full story, click here.

Three EngSci students make The Next 36 list

Nine U of T students, including Shahed Al-Haque (1T1), Shane Gu (1T3) andSaksham Uppal (1T1), have been selected as finalists for The Next 36, a national competition and training program that aims to transform students into high-impact entrepreneurs. Read full story here.

6th Annual Engineering Science Education Conference (ESEC)

On Friday, January 14, 2011, the 6th Annual Engineering Science Education Conference (ESEC) will be held at the University of Toronto. The objective of this annual one-day conference is to broaden our students’ horizons in their fields of specialization. Since 2006, we have been inviting world leaders in each of our various Options to present… Read more »