Years 1 and 2: Foundation

The first two years of the program emphasize mathematics and the fundamentals of different science disciplines.  Students begin their engineering design training through the team-based Praxis course series.

The curriculum consists primarily of core courses, with a small number of electives.

See our program overview to learn more about activities outside of the classroom during the foundation years.

Year 1


Calculus I & II, Praxis I & II, Computer Programming, Computer Algorithms and Data Structures, Engineering Mathematics and Computation, Linear Algebra, Structures and Materials, Molecules and Materials, Electric Circuits, and Classical Mechanics.

Find full course descriptions for the Year 1 curriculum here.

In the Praxis I and II design courses, students learn, refine and apply engineering, design, and communication skills. They work in teams and with community stakeholders on real-world engineering issues in the City of Toronto.

Year 2


Vector Calculus and Fluid Mechanics, Praxis III, Digital and Computer Systems, Ordinary Differential Equations, Probability and Statistics, Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer, Waves and Modern Physics, Electromagnetism, Quantum and Thermal Physics, Biomedical Engineering, Engineering and Society, and Complementary Studies Elective.

In the Praxis III design course students apply the skills learned in the previous year while working in teams on practical design challenges.

Find full course descriptions for the Year 2 curriculum here.