The University of Toronto’s Division of Engineering Science (EngSci) is a founding member of the International Engineering Science Consortium (IESC) The IESC was established in 2013 to increase awareness of engineering science as a discipline and to exchange information, researchers and students.

Today’s fast-paced society produces new technologies at a dizzying pace. There is greater demand than ever for engineering students who can conduct basic scientific research and lead discoveries through development into marketable applications.

Members of the IESC provide a differentiated engineering education to prepare students for research and technology developments at the interfaces of diverse disciplines. Within engineering, they aim to produce graduates who are well-prepared to carry out cutting-edge research grounded in fundamental principles of physics, chemistry, and biology, and flexible in crossing traditional domains of knowledge.

The IESC’s faculties and schools of engineering and science have created unique engineering science programs that integrate science fundamentals and engineering applications into flexible multidisciplinary programs.

Graduates have pursued graduate studies and professional careers in a wide range of industries including aerospace, electronics, energy, manufacturing, materials, healthcare, nanotechnology, photonics, finance, and many more.

The consortium currently has seven member programs and institutions that meet every two years:

  • Applied Science and Technology Graduate Group, College of Engineering,
    University of California, Berkeley (USA)
  • Division of Engineering Science, Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering,
    University of Toronto (Canada)
  • Engineering Science Programme, Faculty of Engineering,
    National University of Singapore (Singapore)
  • Graduate School of Engineering Science, School of Engineering Science,
    Osaka University (Japan)
  • School of Engineering Sciences,
    KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden)
  • Faculty of Engineering,  Architecture, and Information Techology (EIAT),
    University of Queensland (Australia)
  • Faculty of Engineering Science,
    University College London (UK)

To  learn more, visit the IESC website.

Consortium members meeting in Toronto
The Division of Engineering Science at the University of Toronto hosted members of the IESC for the 2019 consortium meeting.