Our program's unique "2+2" curriculum structure
differs from other engineering programs.

Foundation Years

The first two years of the program provide a strong foundation in science, mathematics, technology and design.  Collaboration and team work are developed as fundamental assets for labs, projects, and design.

Students explore a wide range of engineering topics, career paths, and study options through the broad curriculum and unique student events.  This prepares them for their upper year majors, which they select in the second term of Year 2.


In the last two years of their studies, students specialize into one of our program's exciting majors for accelerated, discipline-specific learning.

  • Year 3

    Each major's curriculum builds on the unique foundation and skills gained in the first two years. 

    While some courses are taken with students from other engineering programs, most are EngSci-specific.  Each of the majors includes core courses in Year 3, and technical electives that let students focus on areas of personal interest within the major.

    Find full course descriptions for the Year 3 curriculum here.

    Outside of the classroom

    Students enrolled in the Professional Experience Year (PEY) Co-op Program prepare for their 12- to 16-month positions.

    Those thinking ahead to post-graduate options can attend seminars and panel discussions about graduate school and the application process.

  • PEY Co-op (optional)

    Students enrolled in the Professional Experience Year (PEY) Co-op Program work for 12 to 16 months on meaningful, engineering-related projects at companies around the world between Year 3 and 4 of their studies.

  • Year 4

    The final year of studies allows students to apply their knowledge and skills through a team-based capstone design project and an individual research thesis.

    Students draw on team work experience gained earlier in the program as they work closely with peers, clients, and faculty in the capstone design project, and with a faculty supervisor for the research thesis.

    The curriculum includes a great deal of flexibility that allows students to tailor their curriculum to their personal interests within their major.  Many courses are taken with students from other disciplines, introducing students to fresh perspectives.

    Find full course descriptions for the Year 4 curriculum here.

    Outside of the classroom

    For those considering graduate or professional schools, guidance is available through alumni mentors, and support for graduate school applications.

    For those aiming to enter the workplace directly, resources are available through the Engineering Career Centre and our extensive alumni network.

  • Graduation

    Our newest graduates get ready to take their place in our global alumni community of over 6,500 graduates.

    All EngSci graduates are eligible to become licensed professional engineers.