Summer Research Overview

Many EngSci students have a passion for research and many of our graduates have had distinguished careers as researchers or academics.

The Division of Engineering Science helps students channel their interests by providing support for summer research positions at U of T and partner institutions around the world.

Spending a summer working in a lab with graduate students and researchers is a great way for students to learn about the research process, explore potential career paths, and start building their professional network. It helps them decide whether to pursue graduate studies, provides opportunities for personal growth, and strengthens technical and professional skills. Those who travel abroad also benefit from cross-cultural learning and communications while working alongside researchers from other countries.

In the summer of 2020, Adriana Díaz Lozano Patiño (Year 2 EngSci) helped develop a coupled reverse osmosis and UV-led water disinfection system to provide clean drinking water in remote communities.

Lauren Streitmatter (Year 2 EngSci) coded a pandemic model to predict the effects of factors such as social distancing at Carnegie Mellon. Her work will soon be part of a publication, which could help guide public policy and health actions.

Of the many factors that set EngSci apart, the Engineering Science Research Opportunities Program (ESROP) is one of the most pivotal. It provides opportunities with renowned faculty members and researchers at U of T, across Canada and around the world.

Unlike many other research awards, ESROP positions are awarded primarily to EngSci students completing one of their first two years of study. It's their chance, early in their academic careers, to fuel their curiosity and apply the skills they are learning in the classroom, while test-driving potential research careers.

Over the summer months, ESROP students gain firsthand experience in cutting-edge research across fields as diverse as computer vision, smart power integration and subatomic physics - all while earning a stipend for their contributions. They take part in intellectually vibrant research activities, make significant contributions, and gain meaningful ties to an academic mentor and an expanded network of research and engineering peers.

In addition to ESROP, EngSci also encourages and provides support for students to apply for research funding supports outside of our program, some of which are described below.

Opportunities administered by the Division of Engineering Science

The following opportunities are open to current EngSci students only and are administered by the Division of Engineering Science.

The awards described below are student-driven or EngSci-provided placements at U of T, elsewhere in Canada, or internationally.

University of Toronto
(U of T)
Non-U of T / International
(student finds position)
ESROP - U of T
EngSci placement
(position arranged by Division of Engineering Science)
ESROP - Global

Students considering finding a student-driven position are encouraged to contact potential supervisors in the Fall term.  Application deadlines for these awards begin in the Winter term.

Detailed application information is sent to current EngSci students as it becomes available, and is posted in the EngSci Info Hub (utorID login required).

Engineering Science Research Opportunity Programs (ESROP)

ESROP - U of T: Competitive awards of financial support for EngSci students wishing to conduct summer research at U of T and its affiliated institutions; student-driven.

ESROP - ExOp (Exceptional Opportunities): Competitive awards of financial support for EngSci students wishing to conduct summer research outside of U of T and its affiliated institutions; student-driven.

ESROP - GLOBAL: Competitive placements EngSci students wishing to conduct summer research abroad at partner institutions; EngSci-provided placements.

ESROP - E4TW (Engineers for the World):  Competitive placements for EngSci students wishing to conduct summer research on projects related to the social, ethical, political, and human rights impacts of technology; EngSci-provided placements.

University of Toronto Excellence Award (UTEA)

The University of Toronto Excellence Award (UTEA) program is funded by the Vice-President Research and Innovation. It provides eligible undergraduate students with opportunities to conduct summer research projects under the supervision of eligible U of T faculty members. Find details here (utorID login required).

Additional Opportunities

Additional funding is available through government and other organizations in Canada and abroad (not administered by the Division of Engineering Science).  Students are encouraged to investigate potential opportunities, including those below.

Natural Science and Engineering Research Council - Undergraduate Student Research Award (NSERC-USRA)

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Junior Fellowship Program


German Academic Exchange Service - Research Internships in Science and Engineering (DAAD - RISE)

U of T Centre for International Experience - Summer Research Exchange Program (CIE - SREP)

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