Machine Intelligence

From autonomous vehicles to hospitals, intelligent machines are everywhere-in smart infrastructure, industrial automation, finance, personalized learning, marketing, medicine, and more.

Machine intelligence is the study, development and application of algorithms that can identify patterns in data and, using these insights, make decisions when confronted with new situations. Engineers trained in machine intelligence work on problems as diverse as finding tumours in medical scans, helping retailers predict which items to stock, and helping self-driving cars to find their way.

EngSci's Machine Intelligence major was launched in 2017 as Canada's first undergraduate program in this field. It provides students with a cutting-edge education in the mathematics, computation, computer hardware, and the software engineering behind artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analytics.

The major draws on U of T's outstanding expertise in computer, electrical, industrial and robotics engineering to provide a multidisciplinary curriculum. Courses are taught by faculty members from the Departments of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, and the Robotics Group from the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies.

Topics covered include computing (software engineering), information and intelligence (signals, search, optimization), and algorithms and data analytics (learning, statistical reasoning, decision). The curriculum integrates design thinking and a "whole-systems" approach. Students learn to develop, design and implement learning architectures, feature selection from input data, training strategies, and impact assessment in real world settings. Students also explore the important ethical and societal implications of machine intelligence through case studies and discussion-based learning.

The major's "first principles" approach gives students a deep understanding of the underlying mathematics and modelling. The program also integrates knowledge of computer hardware and software in the design and application of machine intelligence tools.

With the University of Toronto's strong tradition in this field, the recent establishment of the Vector Institute, and the city's vibrant landscape for start-ups and established companies, U of T is an ideal location to launch an exciting career in machine intelligence.

Opportunities for graduates are plentiful in this diverse and rapidly developing field at the intersection of engineering and computer science. Many companies are launching new initiatives and seeking knowledgeable engineers as machine intelligence plays an ever-larger role in industries as diverse as consulting, finance, publishing, law, transportation, and retail.


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EngSci alumni are leaders in industry and research. Meet some of our alumni.

Employers for our recent graduates include Accenture, AMD, DiDi Labs, Google, Intel, Qualcomm, and more.

Recent graduates have attended graduate school at Carnegie Mellon University, ETH Zurich, MIT, UC Berkeley, University of Michigan, U of T, and more.

Professor Kostas Plataniotis wearing a dark suit and smiling to camera in front of a pale grey background

Chair of the Machine Intelligence major

Professor Kostas Plataniotis (ECE)

Professor Kostas Plataniotis directs U of T's Multimedia Laboratory and holds the Bell Canada Endowed Chair in Multimedia.