Praxis I, II, and III form EngSci's foundation design sequence.

Starting in the first term of Year 1, these courses introduce students to the models and tools of engineering design, communication, teamwork, and professionalism that underlie all of EngSci's design education.

In all three courses students use engineering design projects to integrate their knowledge, develop their emerging engineering identity, and codify their individual approach to engineering practice. Students develop knowledge and skills through active lectures, structured interactive studios, and hands-on practical sessions.

Working effectively in a team is paramount to being a successful engineer, and Praxis provides an incredible opportunity for students to advance their teamwork and communication skills.

In Praxis I, students work individually and in small teams. They identify and work on engineering design projects within the university community. The course also supports the transition into engineering studies and the EngSci learning community. This support integrates conceptual models, concrete techniques, and university resources, and addresses academic and non-academic concerns.

Praxis II builds on the skills and knowledge gained in Praxis I. Students learn about complementary design considerations including ethics and equity, and work primarily in small teams. They identify and work on design projects that improve the lived experience of a community. Teams frame and resolve a collaboratively identified opportunity. Praxis II also continues to support students as they integrate more fully into the learning community. This course culminates in a public event, the Praxis II Showcase.

Praxis III is relatively a relatively new course and serves as the capstone of the Engineering Science foundation design sequence. It challenges students to apply what they learned in Praxis I and II to the collaborative design and testing of a functioning product prototype.  Student teams resolve an opportunity that has global significance or impact, expanding on the geographical context of Praxis II. They integrate the design, technical, and complementary knowledge gained across all of their Year 1 and 2 courses in a single, major, full-term design project. Teams in Praxis III are provided a curated set of project contexts, and work with their stakeholders to frame and resolve an opportunity within one of these contexts. This course culminates in a public event, the Praxis III Showcase.