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Improve the Accuracy and Speed of Stem Cell Production

By Luke Ng PhD candidate Nika Shakiba (EngSci 1T0) has been named a recipient of a 2016 Jennifer Dorrington Graduate Research Award. Issued by the University of Toronto Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research (CCBR), the award recognizes graduate-level research excellence and contributions to their field. As a member of Professor Peter Zandstra’s Stem… Read more »

An Illustrious Career Bolstered by Talent, Timing and Risk

David Auston (EngPhys 6T2, ElecE MASc 6T3) may chalk up his impressive career as a scientist and university administrator to luck. But one of his favourite quotes, from 19th-century British prime minister Benjamin Disraeli, perhaps better explains his tremendous accomplishments: “The secret of success is to be ready when your time has come.” READ MORE

EngSci alumnus improving defibrillator accessibility to save more lives

EngSci alumnus Christopher Sun (EngSci 1T3+PEY, IndE PhD candidate) is currently part of a team researching the optimization of artificial defibrillator (AED) distribution placement throughout Toronto. Their approach to combine both spatial and temporal considerations for AED placements are predicted to make large improvements to the accessibility and effectiveness of AEDs. Read the full article here, Part 7… Read more »

Professor Michael Collins, Higher Doctorate

Our dear Professor Collins has taught for EngSci for five decades, and we are proud of his esteemed accomplishment of receiving his Doctor of Engineering from the University of New South Wales (UNSW), which is called a Higher Doctorate.  These higher doctorates are given by many universities in the UK, Australia and New Zealand and… Read more »

Brilliant 10: Maryam Shanechi Decodes The Brain To Unlock Its Potential

0T4 Dr. Shanechi has been featured in Popular Science Magazine Brilliant 10: Maryam Shanechi Decodes The Brain To Unlock Its Potential Building the next brain-machine interfaces By Veronique Greenwood and Cassandra Willyard Maryam Shanechi used to study wireless communications systems. Now she investigates a far more complex network: the billions of neurons that make up… Read more »

EngSci alumna and Onyx Motion CEO Marissa Wu offers entrepreneurship advice

With the growing success of her smart-watch sports coaching startup, Onyx Motion, Marissa Wu (EngSci 1T3) has gained a lot of insight into entrepreneurship as both a developing student and eventually as a CEO. Marissa offers insight into her time at U of T and how its entrepreneurship programs and initiatives gave her the tools to… Read more »

First-year EngSci student wins Schulich Leaders Scholarship

University of Toronto Engineering continues to attract exemplar students, two of which have been recognized with 2015 Schulich Leader Scholarships. Congratulations to our very own Christopher Choquette-Choo (Year 1 EngSci) and Daniel McInnis (Year 1 MechE)! Read the full article including an interview with both students regarding their community involvement and success leading up to their undergraduate… Read more »

Four engineering student startups from this year’s Hatchery Demo Day

U of T Engineering undergraduate and graduate students have been working hard to design and develop their innovative ideas through the The Entrepreneurship Hatchery. Four stellar projects were the winners of this year’s Hatchery Demo Day, with a total of $42,500 in seed funding between them. EngSci students and alumni were the bright minds behind three… Read more »

World’s fastest bike created by U of T Engineering alumni and students

Eta, the world’s fastest human-powered vehicle, was design and created by Aerovelo founders Todd Reichert (EngSci 0T5, UTIAS PhD 1T1)  and Cameron Robertson (EngSci 0T8, UTIAS MASc 0T9) along with a team of U of T Engineering alumni and students. The bicycle broke the record with a top speed of 139.45 kilometres per hour (86.65 miles per hour) at… Read more »