Let there be light! Meet an EngSci alumnus with bright ideas

John Paul Morgan (EngSci 0T1, ECE MASc 0T5) is part of a new generation of entrepreneurs helping to bring inexpensive electricity to energy-impoverished regions. (Courtesy: John Paul Morgan)

When John Paul Morgan (EngSci 0T1, ECE MASc 0T5) spent time in the Democratic Republic of Congo with Doctors Without Borders, he learned firsthand how important access to electricity is. Communities that do not have access to power suffer from higher rates of disease and spend large parts of their days on time-consuming chores such as fetching water. Installation of small-scale solar modules can have a huge positive impact on populations in small communities in the developing world.

Morgan is using his engineering knowledge to develop efficient, easy-to-use solar systems for use around the world. His company, Morgan Solar, has developed inexpensive and user-friendly modules that he hopes will help electrify villages and towns that are currently in the dark.

Read about Morgan’s innovative work.

John Paul Morgan demonstrating his solar technology to Premier Kathleen Wynne.



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